We are one of the greatest pop bands of all time. But to understand our story, you have to look at our timeline

The Early Days

We spent this year with a different name playing at different gigs most notably British Legion. A few months after, we were known as The Naysayers and played back up support to popular pop bands at the Polytechnic of Manchester's Cavendish Hall.

Leslie and Allister spent majority of the year putting their act in place while preparing for demo recording sessions with Callaghan with Ingram's voice to be recorded the forthcoming year.

By the following year, the band changed name for the umpteenth time and were known as The Mad Men. This was because Allister and Ingram broke into Callaghan's girlfriend's store on a dare and people thought they had gone stark raving mad (hence the name). It was by this time Allister and Ingram began to showcase their musical talents securing is the gig at McGowan Hall.

By middle of the year, the band name is The Mad Men and it makes its debut at Owen's Club 23 advertised as. "The Mad Men (Not the PSychos)" and Callaghan started the show by acting like a rabid dog left off the leash. The show was a raving success making us have more gigs than we can handle.

The Middle Years

By this time, we were well and truly on the local scene. We played at so many gigs including popular ones such as The Easter Leigh Festival. The gigs took a toll on us culminating into the disappearance of Ingram who could not continue.

After receiving a spanking from his ma, Ingram returns and we once again play at the Cavendish Hall but this time as the main act. We use this opportunity to release our first extended play (EP) which unfortunately sold only 1000 copies.

As these events were going on, Allister secures us a spot on Radio One where we round things off with a critically acclaimed performance, supporting the Beastie Boys at the Broxton Academy, with our first major UK appearance.

The Present

The year has begun well with the release of our new Album. The old album was reissued after our very popular perforce and is currently selling above 100,000 copies. Now you know what publicity can do for you. We have signed a new deal with America Records which would give us the backing we need to make more good music.

Twelve of our songs have made it into the British Pop 200 while we have five in the Swedish top 50. We are having more gigs now, more than ever. We will be going for our first North American Tour come fall and we cannot wait to get started.

After the tour, we hope to get back into the studio to create two more albums and one extended play. We are getting the success we deserve and its all down to grit and hard work.