Welcome to our store. We have different categories of kits for you and your loved ones. We just got the new delivery of our merchandise for the UK tour coming this fall. We were able to make sure these gets to you guys on time before the show. Please purchase yours now while goods are in stock. For those who have complaints about the merchandise they purchased please note the following:

  • All goods are refundable: so far they appear untouched from the wrapping in which they came.

  • To return your goods back to the store, please make sure the address is clearly written at the back. Shipping costs are paid by us when we ship to your address but this is not so when you choose to return. You will have to bear your shipping cost should you decide to return your goods.

  • We do not have a cash back return policy. Any item returned is replaced for a similar item. Sometimes a shirt may be too large. We will replace the shirt with a size that is your fit.

For any other inquiries or information please use the Contact Forms below the page.