Because of the success of our second album, we have been nominated for five awards in different categories. Our hit track "Light Up Your Heart" is a song that became an instant hit with the teens.

It was one of the soundtracks in the critically acclaimed Young Adult Fiction Movie "Star Crossed Lovers" and was nominated for the Viewers Choice Awards on MTV. It also got nominated in the Raleigh Festival Awards in the "Best New Act" category. The song was used in the Russian Paralympics advertising ceremony. It was also featured as the soundtrack in the Toyota Corolla film.

Selina was a song written after Callaghan's partner died of cancer and the dark sombre lyrics was felt by our fans. It racked up massive downloads and was used in quite a few movies including Grammy nominated movie "The Last Dance". The song was nominated in the Richard Crichton Festival for "Best New Song". It was also one of the songs that was performed in the EuroVision music contest last year.

The Mummers Dance. This is one of our all time favourite songs. We produced this hit song when we were having a good moment. The gigs were good, there was camaraderie in the band, our fans were really enjoying the groove and we had awesome managers.

This feel-good factor translated into a hit song so good, it won the American TV Awards for Best Song in a YA fiction movie. The song had rave reviews from critiques alongside fans who voted it their 9th Best Song by a new pop band.

It was also featured in the FIfa 18 as one of the soundtracks in the game. We were originally supposed to scrap the song as we thought it would not make the cut but we thank our manager for convincing us to let it scale through because we have won three awards and gotten seven nominations as a result of "The Mummers Dance".

Home to Your Heart had mixed reactions immediately after release. It was a real slow burn but the moment it caught fire, the flames just would not die down. The song debuted at number 98 on the American Billboard 100 chart and steadily climbed its way to number 8 where it stayed for three weeks consecutively. Home to Your Heart was nominated at the People's Viewer Choice Awards for "Best Live Performance".