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LADYTRON are Helen Marnie, Daniel Hunt, Reuben Wu, and Mira Aroyo.

LADYTRON released their first single in 1999 on INVICTA HI-FI Records, the legendary 'He took her to a movie'. It was immediately talked about for its sheer coolness, nothing in the long coated eternal winter of the late nineties could touch it for style, audacity, and pure pop ambition.

It was followed by three more singles (‘Playgir'l, 'Mu-tron', and 'Another breakfast with you') all NME singles of the week and an album '604' all released by INVICTA HI-FI.

‘604’ is a classic album, the lyrics are ironic and impressionistic. The music is soulful, distant, dark, and sassy. It was released on CD and delicious white vinyl. It is still available on CD.

Following '604', LADYTRON signed to TELSTAR and released the singles 'SEVENTEEN’ and 'EVIL' followed by the album ‘LIGHT AND MAGIC'. All where highly praised by the media.

Ladytron have a worldwide obsessive and beautiful fanbase.

They also operate EVOL an amazing clubnite in Liverpool .

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