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Dondolo released his debut solo material in October 2003. The 12" single featuring the tracks Peng (Studio 404 Version), as well as the full version of Peng. 'Peng' sounds like a great funked-up version of the 'Clockwork Orange' music.

The edit is by Mantra recording artist King Of Woolworths, a favourite and regular on The Breezeblock.

Based in the South of France, Dondolo is the latest in a long and glorious line of French dance artists. His music sits snugly between Daft Punk and Air, as well as recalling other artists such as Stylophonic and Themroc. Having already released EPs for Interzone and working on remix albums and Fabrice G's network of labels (Blackjack, Blackjazz, Mangusta, Grosso-Modo, Grand Prix), he has now signed to INVICTA HI-FI with his mix of electro vintage, Afrikaa Bambaataa and pop techno.

In his own words, 'A successful song has to move me, to make me cry, to give me a physical and psychical sensation, in a inexpressible manner, a sum of subtle impressions, like a wave, something fuzzy, an Alpha wave, happiness with sadness. I'd like my music to be compared with the Nabis painting, mix of symbolism, impressionism and etchings. Something which looks simple, contrasted and globally graphic but supplier of complex and diffuse emotions.'

Christophe : les mots bleus
Mylene Farmer : Maman à tort
Aphex Twin : Fingerbob
Visage : The damned don't cry
She Male : I wanna discover you
The Clash : Inoculated city
The Pixies : distance equals
Lucio Battisti : Ancora tu
Serge Gainsbourg : Ah! Melody
La Clinic et Doc Gyneco : tout saigne
Francois De Roubaix : toute son ouvre
David Bowie : Ashes to ashes
Dopplerefekt : Infophysix
Etienne Daho: Le grand sommeil
Cybotron : My cosmic car"





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