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New Invicta Hi-Fi artist, SNAP ANT released his debut solo material in October 2003. The 10" single "EXECUTE THE PING" features the tracks Saviour Piece, Execute The Ping and Give Up The Juice. He first came to attention with his remix of Ladytron's Playgirl. which was a complete reworking of the track and appeared on a joint release between Invicta Hi-Fi and Tricatel, Bertrand Burgalats label.

Snap Ant has also released records as part of SUPER NUMERI on NINJA TUNES to critical acclaim (including a Mixmag Single Of The Week and the album "Great Aviaries") Two of the tracks are taken from the debut album "This Is Jut!" which will also be released through INVICTA Hi-Fi in 2005, a body of work that is not packaged or trimmed to modern requirements but has an inspiring feel as a mellow WARP style record.

An album that doesn't require explanation, but can be simply appreciated for genuine individuality. A welcome and unique addition to the Invicta roster.

The follow up to his "Execute The Ping" EP, Snap Ant unleashes "You Make Me Basic" on a waiting world, on 7" heavy vinyl.

A further single will be released early in 2005. In his own words: "'You Make Me Basic' is about getting in touch with the amoeba inside of you, devolving into something that is single celled and has nothing but the most fundamental needs and requirements. The way I see it one could be driven to this state due to a number of reasons; Soap Operas, Computer Games, Lust, Having a dead end 9 to 5, Being in the army etc.

An optimist might say that a zen like state can be obtained if one approaches the above examples in the correct way, but I think it's more likely that people just fry their brains. I approve of people frying their brains because it means that I can amuse myself by writing silly songs about them, and when I write silly songs about them I normally end up frying my own brain (which is quite fun too).

I was sort of into Devo when I wrote this. Not a huge amount, but I thought they were quite good. I think it'll be a high point of my all new Snap Ant live set. "The B side 'Turning Ugly' is about falling in love with someone who is a honey on the outside but a squidgy amoeba on the inside.

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